This course was held in 2020!


Dates: 24th August – 4th September 2020

  • Lecturer: Manuel Hartmann
  • Course responsibility: Armando Schär, FHGR
  • Course type: Compulsory Optional Subject (Summer School)
  • Related degree levels and programs: BA/MA
    • BA/MA in Information Science
    • BA/MA in Digital Business Management
  • Workload: 120 hours
  • Credits: 4 ECTS
  • Course abbreviation: PM-DBM
  • Access course materials: Moodle link

Manuel Hartmann

Manuel founded to help B2B Tech Startups with entrepreneurial sales support. Before, he built the sales organisation for a Swiss B2B Machine Learning startup and co-led projects. In addition, he teaches a Design Thinking and a Sales for Digital business course at FH Graubünden. He holds a M.A. HSG in Business Innovation.

Büşra Coşkuner

Büşra is a product lead with a primary focus on user happiness, which in turn, elevates the business. She studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Berlin, and has felt right at home co-existing in the worlds of technology and business ever since. She has been focused on the product side of companies and branches of all different sizes and disciplines like Doodle, Home24, siroop, Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service and more…granting her with a variety of experiences and insights throughout her career and leadership..


Product Manager is besides modern software engineering and sales one of the most sought after positions by digital businesses such as Swisscom, Google, Avrios and Leonteq.

This summer school elective will help you to acquire sound knowledge to manage products for digital business models in the areas of productization, promotion & roll-out as well as feedback & education to land a job at the intersection of business, technology and design.

Course goal / Guiding idea

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

Acquiring sound knowledge to manage products for digital business models in the areas of productization, promotion & roll-out as well as feedback & education

Analysis of digital products on how to gain market insights, analyze business cases, drive product & portfolio strategy, deliver on product development and support sales

Application of knowledge and skills in independently conceived digital business products and concepts, their planning as well as concrete implementation and lessons learnt from the developed materials. Independent further development of the own competence by means of suitable training methods.

Course content

  • Why product management is crucial for digital business management
  • Evaluation & application of common product management methods & techniques
  • Crafting of a product strategy
  • Practical development of a product roadmap for real use cases

Learning outcomes

  • Independent development and implementation of digital business product strategies and concepts
  • Reflective handling and use of learned methods & tools
  • Customer-oriented understanding of product management


Contact lessons (60h):

  • Theory teaching (everybody)
  • Development of product strategy & roadmap (groups)
  • Presentation of product strategy & roadmap (groups)

Accompanied self-study (40h):

  • Development of a product strategy 20h
  • Development of a product roadmap 20h
  • Total 40h

Free self-study (20h)

Teaching & Learning methods

Interactive contact event, literature study and reflection; content research; project work, presentation

Proof of performance

  • 70% Documentation of product strategy & roadmap (group work)
  • 30% Presentation (group work)

Course readings

Course schedule and location

  • Old campus
  • Room 2.3

Course schedule to be updated.

This course is fully booked!