Course 01: Product Management for Digital Business

Product Manager is besides modern software engineering and sales one of the most sought after positions by digital businesses such as Swisscom, Google, Avrios and Leonteq.

This summer school elective will help you to acquire sound knowledge to manage products for digital business models in the areas of productization, promotion & roll-out as well as feedback & education to land a job at the intersection of business, technology and design.

Course 02: Doing Research in the Digital Age

Research is influenced by new technologies just like most aspects of our everyday life are. Technological innovations not only alter and extend what we can analyze but also how we can analyze it. In this two-week course students will have the great opportunity to learn about research in the digital age, old and new phenomena that can be investigated and digital as well as digitized research methods that may be used for this purpose. Further, the students will undertake a small research project and thereby easily learn how to properly collect, process and analyze data. The goal of this workshop is to broaden the students’ knowledge of research methods, raise their awareness for the chances and challenges new technologies pose to research and improve their methodological and statistical skills in a comprehensible and hands-on manner.