Dates: 29th August – 9th September 2022
Lecturer: Michael Zeiller
Workload: 120 hours
Credits: 4 ECTS

This elective will help you understand different methods of digital storytelling, forms of presentation and elements of success will enable you to develop their own successful multimedia stories. The course strengthens the students’ knowledge in defining, analyzing and creating multimedia stories. They acquire knowledge in different storytelling techniques and various applications of storytelling. Students will be able to develop a topic to a complete story and to evaluate various storytelling techniques and use them in writing a story. The course builds capabilities to evaluate and select character types for their appropriateness in a story and to tell stories for online media. The course qualifies students to identify topics suitable for (multimedia) stories, to break down a story into elements and select an appropriate form of presentation for each and to create and combine (multimedia) elements to create a (multimedia) story.

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