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The following airlines operate from the airport “Zemunik” in Zadar: Ryan Air, Croatia Airlines, Sky Europe, Lufthansa. Other airports in Croatia: Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Pula. For information visit

Airports near Zadar Traveling time to Zadar Distance to Zadar Map details
Zadar airport (ZAD)  18 min by car 12,1 km View map
Split airport (SPU)  2 hrs 13 min by car and bus 107 km View map
Zagreb airport (ZAG)  3 hrs 55 min by bus 191 km View map
Pula airport (PUY)  7 hrs 14 min by car and bus 135 km View map
Ancona airport (AOI)  8 hrs 3 min by train, ferry and bus 160 km View map

Zadar can also be reached through other airports in neighbouring countries such as Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Slovenia (434 km from Zadar) or Airport Ronchi dei Legionari, Tieste, Italy (297 km from Zadar). For bus connections from airports in Croatia and time-tables please check (from Zagreb airport).

Zadar Airport Destinations Map

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